You Are Never Too Old For A Smile Makeover!

You Are Never Too Old For A Smile Makeover!


Once they have reached a certain age, some people might feel that they’re just “too old” for certain things – maybe going out in skin-tight animal-print clothing, or downing Jell-O shots and dancing on the tabletops. Or perhaps even getting a complete cosmetic dental makeover. We can’t speak to the first two… but if you’ve been reluctant to smile because you aren’t satisfied with the way your teeth look, then all we can say is: What are you waiting for? The fact is, you don’t have to live with teeth that are chipped, crooked, stained or missing – because with modern cosmetic dentistry, you’re never too old to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

There are plenty of ways to improve the appearance of your smile – but the first question you’ll want to consider is this: What do you want your new smile to look like? Have you always dreamed of having the kind of perfectly even, brilliant white teeth you’ve see on Hollywood stars? Or perhaps you’re just looking to lighten up your natural smile, and maybe fix a few problem areas. No matter how large or small a change you’re looking for, your dentist can help you get there.

For example, if your teeth are discolored from years of drinking coffee or red wine, it may be possible to make them noticeably brighter with in-office or take-home whitening treatments. Or, to produce the kind of dramatic changes you have in mind, it might be better to consider veneers – thin porcelain coverings that can make teeth as white as you want, and even correct minor problems with tooth spacing or alignment.

Teeth with small chips or cracks often respond beautifully to cosmetic bonding, a procedure that can usually be done in just one office visit. If there is more extensive damage, a crown (cap) can be used to restore the entire visible part of the tooth. Missing teeth can be replaced via traditional bridgework, or with high-tech dental implants. And, while you may think braces are just for teenagers, any orthodontist will tell you that healthy teeth can be moved into better positions at any time.

So while your age may (or may not) stop you from picking up the microphone at your local karaoke bar and belting out the latest Lady Gaga hit, you shouldn’t let it prevent you from improving your smile. Having a bright, healthy smile not only helps you show a better face to others – it can also improve the way you feel about yourself.



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