Year in the Life of Savings

We discovered mostly out of desperation. We not only saved money, but necessary time.

My husband and I recently moved to St. Augustine, Florida, where we tried various dentists in the area to get our teeth cleaned, but had not yet found a dentist to call our own.

We previously lived in Bermuda, where I had a job working for an advertising agency for several years. With this came the perks of having dental care as part of my work benefits. When we decided to re-establish ourselves in the United States, I quit my job, and we no longer had insurance.

When attempting to get business as a free lance designer in St. Augustine, it was tough going for a long time. The economy was taking a dive, and since St. Augustine is a fairly small town, there was not much opportunity. So getting insurance was not financially possible.

One day my husband collapsed outside of a fitness club, and it was clear that he needed more help than anyone could give him. An ambulance was called and off we went to the hospital. It was determined that he had a heart attack, and a stent was put in.

While in recovery, the doctors discovered my husband had cancer on the back of his tongue, and referred us to a specialist. Before radiation treatment could begin, it was mandatory that my husband get his teeth cleaned and necessary repairs done.

When looking online, desperate to find dental insurance that could pay for the dental procedures that needed to be done, I discovered Reading about the program, it sounded so good, I wondered if it was a scam. But to my delight, I discovered is all that it claims to be. Just as important as the affordability, was the availability for use in 3 days time!

It was an invaluable help during a time of desperation, and has continued to be a great blessing since. It led us to a dentist office that we love, and has continued to save us money while I establish my work practice And, my husband is now back to good health.

We have sung praises to many others who also have happily joined

Don and Tina
St. Augustine, Florida

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