Year in the Life of Savings

I am very happy to share my success story with you. I purchased Carrington One Dental Plan last month. I did this because I lost my dental insurance from the Boston Public Schools.

I am a former chemotherapy patient and after several years of chemo my teeth were starting to ache and other maladies developed.   Having no dental insurance and being buried in medical bills, I opted to deal with it later.  My niece told me about  I would not even have considered it because I just did not think I could purchase a reliable alternative to dental insurance on the internet. Finally, I decided to go with it. I was PLEASANTLY surprised when a dental balance of $4590.00 turned into “Estimated Patient Portion” of $2240.60. Because of this discount, I could have the additional work done. I have told many others about this plan and I will continue to do so.

Dealing with cancer pushes all other health issues to the side.   Thanks to I was able to handle this without any hidden surprises.

Thank you so much,

Jeanne P.

Boston, MA

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