Year in the Life of Savings

I was due to have a root canal costing $1,500. While at the dentist’s office I realized myDiscount Dental Plan had expired. I was able to renew my plan immediately over the phone. It turned out I didn’t need a root canal but I was still charged $800 for my visit. Because I had a plan from, I only had to pay half that amount, $400. Now it’s been recommended that I have the tooth pulled & get a dental implant. My plan will probably save me another $2,000. The cost for my plan is approximately $120 for the year and my amount saved is approximately $2,400! Being unemployed with no health insurance for the past two years, is a real life saver.

Carol S.

Yonkers, NY

We thank Carol for sharing her incredible savings story with us. Her story may help others who are in need of dental care and might not be able to afford it.

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