Women’s Health Blog Recap: 12 Sites for Healthy Inspiration

I love bargain-hunting for markdowns on everything from discounts at the dentistto grocery coupons. I’m also a big fan of finding out what other resources are out in the blogosphere that do more than save me money.

During Women’s Health Week earlier in May, I asked a few hard-working moms at DentalPlans.com what blogs they check out for a real-time dose of health tips, simple life tricks, practical advice and more.

Here is a list of inspiring blogs and online communities they shared with me (in alphabetical order) that can show you how some real-life health blogging mavens and multi-tasking “fitfluencers” work to keep it all together while sharing female-friendly content.

Fabulously40 – An online community filled with everything women 40 and beyond could use to nurture themselves. Fabulously40’s health and fitness section has everything from articles with tips on how to drop 5 pounds in a month to the latest trends and news in women’s healthcare.

Fit Bottomed Mamas – In 2008, two regular girls started sharing their adventures in staying fit at Fit Bottomed Girls. Last year, the two launched Fit Bottomed Mamas to cover health and wellness as one of the founders transitioned into mamahood. This blog features fun and insightful articles and tips on everything from work/life balance to pregnancy and post-pregnancy workout DVD reviews.

Go with the Flo – A stay-at-home mom believes that great health is about moderation, not obsession. On her blog she shares nutrition tips, fitness plans and organizational tools while working through her list of 100 things to do before it’s too late.

Healthy Moms – A health and wellness online magazine for moms featuring giveaways and tons of practical and helpful articles from a community of guest mom bloggers and experts. Stories and tips range from faith and frugal living to recipes and parenting.

Living Smart Girl – Sheila (The “Living Smart Girl”) shares her fitness tips, healthy recipes, giveaways and reviews for readers to join in on her journey to living smart. She also shares quick workout tips and motivation via Jillian Michaels.

Notes from the Nursery – This blog is brought to women by nonprofit organizationHealthy Women (HW), recently named one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women” by ForbesWoman. At Notes from the Nursery, you’ll find guest experts, real women and real stories, how-to articles and even contest and freebies for readers.

The Great Fitness Experiment – This health-minded woman blogger has shared her writing and contributions with popular media outlets such as iVillage, Shape and Woman’s Day. Her articles are fun, insightful and unique, like the recent post “The Politics of Eating Healthy,” and practical, like “25 Deceptively Simple Exercises.”

Women’s Health Bistro – A blog from the editors of LifeScript.com, this team of bloggers, doctors and experts share mainstream health news, interesting articles like “Preventing Medication Errors at Home,” real-life health success stories and chat about all things that make women women.

Workout Mommy – Workout Mommy “never underestimates the power of a workout.” Here you’ll find how a fitness junkie (in her life before kids) works through the daily challenge and time constraints to stay fit, healthy and happy. Articles and videos are practical and entertaining, from “Creative Workout Strategies for Busy Moms” to “Healthy Food Options at Disney.”

What health-minded blogs do you read for motivation and advice? Share your comments, blogs and resources you turn to for inspiration.

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