Why Advertisers Should Partner with Non-profits

With research being just a click away, consumers are making educated decisions about which companies deserve their business.  Now, more than ever, it is so important to stand out from the crowd.  It’s not just about offering the better deal, which still remains important, as smart consumers demand more than just financial satisfaction.

Today, consumers need to feel like they’re getting something in return when they make a purchase.  When merchants offer a portion of their sales to nonprofits, consumers feel like they’re contributing to something larger than a profit.  Just imagine walking away from a transaction knowing that you did something to better your community—it’s a no-brainer!  Helping the customer walk away from the purchase feeling good about giving you their business is key to creating a positive consumer experience.

Beyond consumer experience, it’s important to make employees feel great about the company that they’ve chosen to devote their time and energy toward.  Everyday, I have the privilege of saying that I love my job.  I love it because we donate a portion of every sale to nonprofits, schools, and associations.  I end my day feeling like I’ve made an impact in the world because my work has helped to better the community.

My company also provides a really good way for businesses to dip their toes in philanthropic waters.  If you are a business and can’t decide which cause to focus your philanthropic efforts on, We-Care.com allows you to support about 500 at the same time.  We-Care.com is an online mall that gives consumers a list of 1800 merchants to shop through.  When the user clicks on one of those merchants, he or she is taken to the merchant’s website.  From that point, a portion of every dollar he or she spends on that website will be donated to his or her favorite cause.

The message is simple.  Consumers and employees have too many choices and struggle to make wise decisions.  If a business wants to be a frontrunner that stands out from the crowd, it needs to give back.  And, if not for the purpose of being competitive, do it for a different type of reward.  It feels great to give back.

Gina Navani is the Director of Operations at We-Care.com. You can follow her at @WeCareChica.

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