Which Dental Products and Services Actually Work?

When it comes to oral care, you can’t be too careful with what you use to clean and treat your teeth. There are several companies out there that promise to make your oral hygiene efforts a little more efficient, your teeth a little cleaner, or your smile a little whiter. But determining which ones work, and which ones are a waste of your time and money, can be tricky.

At Does It Really Work?™, we feature hard-hitting and honest reviews on the products you see advertised all around you. We have an extensive listing of dental products and services, so you can see the winners, as well as the flops. You can also share your own experience if you’ve used a good – or bad – oral hygiene product. Visit DoesItReallyWork.org for more.  Here, we have sifted through what’s out there to bring you an assortment of our favorite dental products:

  • The Sonicare Toothbrush: The claim is that this toothbrush uses sonic frequencies to dislodge built up plaque without harming your gums or causing any tooth problems. The end result is supposed to be teeth that are five times cleaner than conventional brushing. They also say that they are the brand of electronic toothbrushes that are recommended most by doctors. This is a highly rated line of toothbrushes, and it ended up getting our seal of approval. See our Sonicare Toothbrush review.
  • Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser: Waterpik has been around for several decades, and they keep making improvements to their line of products. The Ultra Water Flosser is one of their more advanced models, but the core concept remains the same. If you don’t like flossing, the idea here is to force water through the spaces between your teeth, clearing it of any food and debris that your toothbrush can’t reach.  We ended up recommending it, but you can read our Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser review.
  • DentalPlans.com: Choosing a good dental plan is definitely a part of overall good oral hygiene. It takes out some of the stress of going to the dentist by not having to worry as much about how much it’s going to cost.  We gave DentalPlans.com a thorough check-up and were pleased with what we saw.  There are quite a few dental plan directories out there, but we haven’t found one yet that has more comprehensive information all in one place. Check out our DentalPlans.com Review.

Of course you should always consult with your dentist in regards to the care of your teeth, as they have your full dental history and can be the final verdict on whether or not a product is right for you. If you take good care of your teeth between checkups, you’ll notice that your dentist will be happier with you on subsequent visits.

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