What Is A Dental Savings Plan?

You know you need it to maintain your and your family’s dental and overall health (after all, they are inseparable), but you probably figure you have three options:


  1. Purchasing an expensive, complicated dental insurance plan.
  2. Paying out-of-pocket for dental care (which, let’s face it, is expensive enough for the basics, let alone more complicated procedures).



  1. Skipping the dentist altogether. After all, it’s one more expense you can’t take on right now. So you keep your fingers crossed and hope you’ll all be ok.


Discouraging right? If only there was a better option…


Well, thanks to :DentalPlans, the biggest provider of dental plans since its inception more than ten years ago, there is…and it’s amazing. Please take a minute to watchthis link . Youl’ll see a side-by-side comparison of a :DentalPlan versus an insurance plan. Notice that with a purchase of our plan, a family of four can spend $159.95 to save $1,580.00. Plus here are Dental Care options for single parents.


As you just saw, you can save hundreds—even thousands—on dental care each year, without the hassles and limits of insurance.


We’re talking:


• One extremely affordable, annual fee.

• Open enrollment (we’re ready when you are).

• Access to the nation’s best networks, dentists, and dental specialists.

•Discounts ranging from 10-60% off necessary procedures.

• Plans that  include advanced procedures, orthodontia, and even cosmetic dentistry.

• Fast,  no-hassle activation.

• And NO limits, caps, deductibles, or pre-existing condition restrictions.


Please don’t neglect any part of your health—including the gateway to the rest of your body—you teeth!


Visit us now and find a dental savings plan that’s right for you.

All it takes is one quick phone call to one of our wonderful :DentalPlans At Your Service Representatives.


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