Update On Giancarlo Stanton: I Was Lucky

Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton is recovering from taking a fastball to the face last week.


:DentalPlans is based in South Florida, and we’re all devoted Marlins fans. So we’re especially sad to report that Stanton’s season has ended 12 games earlier than we all hoped it would, due to facial fractures and dental damage sustained from Milwaukee Brewers Mike Fiers’ 88 mph fastball .


Stanton told a reporter from the Associated Press that he’s healing much faster than he’d expected to, and now just needs to “get the grill fixed” – in reference to the five teeth he now needs to get fixed or replaced.

“I was really fortunate,” Stanton said. “I could have my mouth wired shut right now, I could have a plate in my face …they said my face didn’t do exactly what it was supposed to do by taking that force, but what it did, helped me out.”


Will the power-hitting right fielder be jittery about stepping into the batter’s box again? Stanton told the AP reporter that he wonders about that too.


“I think I’m in a great mental state for what has gone on. But to be able to be back into the box, and in competition, I’m not quite sure.”


When he returns, Stanton plans to wear a helmet with an extension to protect his face, perhaps similar to the one worn by Atlanta outfielder Jason Heyward, who also took a pitch to the face in August 2013. Heyward’s jaw was broken.


MVP candidate Stanton ends his incredible season leading the NL in slugging percentage (.555) and OPS (.950),  home runs (37), walks (94)  and steals (13).


Speaking of statistics: 39% of all dental injuries are sports-related. Stanton will be seeing the team dentist in Miami to get his smile sorted out.


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