Top 12 Dental Articles Of 2014


We’ve decided to give you in one long post, the twelve best articles written about dentistry, dental care, and/or teeth in 2014. One for each day of the longest conceivable holiday break you might manage to get your boss to approve – but do feel free to binge and read all of them in one sitting, should you be so inclined.


5 Scary Health Conditions Your Dentist Can Spot

The state of your smile may shine a light on the rest of your body — sometimes even before other symptoms show up. What your dentist can figure out about you just by looking in your mouth? The state of your heart, brain, bones, and blood sugar … and more. Read more


The Difference Between Rich and Poor? Eight Teeth, Says Dental Study

This story is based in the United Kingdom, but the problems it addressed are all too familiar in the U.S. Dental health is a vital part of overall health, but insurance doesn’t adequately provide for the necessary care. Read more


A Reason to Smile: Mexican Town Is a Destination for Dental Tourism

Traveling to get affordable prices on dental care is a booming industry. Among the countries favored for dental-driven travel: Hungary, Thailand, Costa Rica and Mexico. The NPR’s story about the town of Los Algodones, “a virtual dental factory … 350 dentists work within a few blocks of downtown” details why offshore dentists can afford to work so cheaply (government subsidies for their education leave them with little student debit is one big reason). Read more


How to Save on Dental Insurance

Great story about the benefits of dental savings plans, with clear explanations on the differences between dental plans (which the article refers to as “clubs”) and dental insurance. “There are other distinct advantages: Dental clubs can really save when it comes non-routine services, such as root canals, cavity fillings and tooth extractions. For example, the industry standard for a single tooth extraction runs around $167. Through a club, that same procedure will only cost about $81 dollars. That’s a savings of over 50 percent. If you were to do this though dental insurance, you would potentially be paying a copay of up to 60 percent of the total bill, especially for major restorative work.”Read more


The Dangers of Winter Darkness

Lack of sunlight can make you sad. It can also cause dental issues, because insufficient amounts of sunlight can result in a lack of vitamin D, which your teeth need for optimum health. Just another reason to head to Florida in the winter. Read more


Laughing All The Way Out Of Depression

The dentist’s office might be the last place you’d look to find a quick cure for an implacable bout of depression. But new research suggests that laughing gas — the mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen that eases the pain and anxiety of having dental work — may help banish treatment-resistant depression in about the time it takes to fill a cavity. Aren’t dentists awesome?Read more


Obamacare Isn’t Good For Your Teeth

Great, short read on Obamacare and dental insurance. “While the Affordable Care Act has created a new way to shop for dental insurance, it hasn’t improved the quality of that coverage, nor has it made the economics any friendlier—at least not for adults.” Read more and if you want all the details check out DentalPlans own ACA resource center.


Affordable Care Act’s Dental Coverage for Children Loses Its Bite

Wait, wasn’t coverage for kids’ dental care supposed to be mandatory under Obamacare? Yes. “It was originally included as one of 10 essential healthcare benefits, but it seems to have evolved into being a ‘non-essential’ essential benefit…” Read more


The Ancient History of Grills

Lavish dental ornamentation is not a modern trend. “Tracing their story reveals threads of ancient misogyny, class warfare, and lost scientific studies and artifacts. “ Read more


Why Birds Don’t Have Teeth

Frankly, the idea of birds having a beakful of sharp, shiny teeth is alarming. Imagine them sitting around the bird feeder grinning at you? (Or snarling, because you forgot to buy sunflower seeds again). Anyway, we liked this story about why birds are now toothless. Read more

All kidding aside, we’d like to thank you all for being part of in 2014, and wish you a happy, healthy 2015. Keep smiling!



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