Top 10 Reasons to Share a Smile, Save a Smile in June

Does saving big money on a set of $3,000 braces for your kid give you and your wallet something to smile about? Or, maybe what makes you smile the most is helping others in need through volunteerism and donations?

Whatever your reasons are for grinning from ear to ear, your smile can go a long way. And I’d like to share yours and pay it forward as I help celebrate National Smile Month by teaming up with Operation Smile to save the smiles of more than 40 children around the world.

Here are the top 10 reasons to share a smile, save a smile in June:

  1. Around the world, approximately 1 in every 600 children is born each year with a cleft lip and/or cleft palate.
  2. 1 in 10 of children born with a cleft die before their first birthday.
  3. In as few as 45 minutes and with as little as $240, a single surgery can heal that child’s smile, restoring long-term health and removing eating, speech and social difficulties.
  4. In some developing countries, there is only 1 surgeon for every 400,000 people, according to the World Journal of Surgery.
  5. More than 5,000 medical professionals from around the world volunteer with Operation Smile.
  6. Operation Smile has provided free reconstructive surgery for more than 160,000 children born with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities across the world.
  7. For many of us, a smile doesn’t cost a thing. But, for as little as $240, we can change the life of a child born with cleft and give them their smile back.
  8. Starting Friday, June 3, all it takes to heal a child’s smile is your favorite smiling child photo to share with’s Facebook fan page for our “Share a Smile, Save a Smile” photo contest. Fans can vote on the photo they “like” most until June 29th and for each photo uploaded, we’ll donate $1 to Operation Smile. The winner will also receive a free discount dental plan.
  9. To help heal the smiles of 10 children, tell what makes you smile on Twitter for our “Share a Smile, #SaveaSmile” chat. Starting Monday, June 6, we’ll donate $1 to Operation Smile every time someone tweets their reasons for smiling with @dentalplanscom and hashtag #SaveaSmile.
  10. Plan to save a smile when you join a discount dental plan in June. A portion of the proceeds from every plan sold in June will go toward our $10,000 donation goal to Operation Smile.

To find out more about teaming up with Operation Smile and how you can help to heal a child’s smile during June, click here. If you join us in sharing and saving smiles, come back to our blog and share what you did in the comments.

Join. Save. Smile.