Tips to Achieve a Brighter Smile and a Smaller Waistline

Many people have tried everything to lose weight, from crash diets to doing nothing but drinking liquids for a week. What most individuals probably haven’t considered is that paying better attention to their dental care may also help them keep their pants size in check. Here are some tips for how to cut back on calories while warding off tooth decay.

News source, A Healthier Michigan, reports that one way to beat those late-night cravings may be to brush your teeth. Research has shown that most people don’t feel like eating right after brushing, which suggests that if you’re trying to avoid dessert, you may want to use mouthwash or grab a toothbrush after dinner.Colgate experts recommend waiting at least 60 minutes after eating before brushing, since exposure to acidic foods during meals can erode tooth enamel.

Following a diet that is good for your teeth may also help you lose weight. For example, Prevention magazine reports that carbohydrates, such as bread and potato chips are converted into simple sugars by the body, which are then turned into plaque in the mouth. This plaque is the primary cause of gum disease, because its texture makes it easier to get stuck in between the teeth.

This suggests that avoiding eating too many cookies, crackers and other carbs will not only help you cut back on the amount of simple sugars you consume each day, but it may also protect your teeth. The magazine also suggests only eating carbs during mealtimes, rather than as a snack whenever you’re bored. This rule is also effective in helping people lose weight.

Finally, avoiding sweets is the best way to protect your teeth and lose weight at the same time. Sugary sodas have been connected to an increase in tooth decay and pants size. These acidic drinks are carbonated and contain decay-causing sugar, making them particularly deadly to your pearly whites. Also, chocolates, hard candies and gummy snacks can all put pounds on you quickly as they wear away at your tooth enamel.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to avoid sweets all the time; they just have to be eaten quickly and in moderation. The longer a piece of candy stays in your mouth, the worse damage it is doing to your teeth.

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