This Mother’s Day, Don’t Forget Your “Roots”


This year, Mother’s Day and Root Canal Appreciation Day share a date: May 11th.




Well…yes. But it’s also a great opportunity to give your mom…the woman who taught you to brush, nagged you to floss, and brought you to the dentist…a special present bound to make her smile: The gift of dental heath.


So why not honor your roots and hers with one of these terrific dental gift ideas?


• An electric toothbrush. Wondering how effective an electric toothbrush really is? Very, according to dental agencies worldwide. And that’s because they are more effective at removing harmful plaque, are better at cleaning food particles off of teeth, ensure that the user doesn’t brush with too much or not enough pressure, come with built-in timers to ensure proper brushing time, and are better for the environment. Nervous about the cost? Many start at around $50.00 and save money in the long run. They help avoid costly problems and the need to replace manual toothbrushes (every two to three months).


• A tooth-whitening kit or professional visit. Anyone can see what whiter teeth do for someone’s appearance. Everyone who whitens seems to look healthier and younger, is more confident, and smiles more. What began as a treat for people in the public eye has gone mainstream. You can treat your mom to a more beautiful smile by purchasing her whitening strips or a whitening paste, a brush-on formula, or a kit…or you can purchase her a gift certificate for a professional whitening treatment at a dentist’s office (this can include whitening trays for following up as needed at home). At-home treatments range from $20.00 whitening pens to $200.00 machines. Professional costs will vary. Whatever you choose, please make sure it’s safe, recommended, and that you know potential side effects (many people, for instance, report tooth sensitivity after the procedure).


• A visit to a cosmetic dentist or orthodontist. Do you think your mom might enjoy a more dramatic change? Maybe the straight teeth she never had herself because she was spending money on yours? Then you may want to consider finally returning the favor with a gift certificate to a local orthodontist or cosmetic dentist. It’s never too late to give her the beautiful, confident, healthy smile she deserves.


• A dental plan that suits her needs. Of course, we’re biased, but we think the gift of a :DentalPlan is the best gift of all! Why? Because when you pay one low, annual fee, your mom (and dad!) can save up to 60% every single time they visit the dentist’s office. Dental specialists for more intense or cosmetic work can also be on Mom’s plan. The best thing about a :DentalPlan? Peace of mind. Accidents and dental pain happen. Isn’t it nice to know that when they do, your mom is covered?

We thought so.


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Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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