The White Teeth Diet: An Inexpensive Way to Whiten Your Teeth!

People have different goals when it comes to dental health. From straighter teeth to fresher breath, the one thing that most individuals can agree on is that they want a whiter smile. Let’s be honest though, not everyone can afford those expensive whitening procedures, even if you’re saving money by using a dental plan, an affordable alternative to dental insurance.

WebMD reports that the fastest way to improve the color of your teeth is through in-office bleaching, which is performed in a dental office. However, the medical news source reminded people that along with being the quickest way to whiten teeth, this is also the most expensive method. Porcelain veneers are another quick-fix option, but these can cost up to 700 dollars per tooth, making this is an impractical option for the average consumer to even consider.

So, what can those of us without deep pockets do to get brighter smiles? There are a variety of whitening strips and kits that can be purchased at your local grocery store, but even these can carry a high price tag, and are not always effective. Regular brushing and cleanings at the dentist’s office can help, but you can’t get stain-free teeth without putting in a little extra effort.

Recently, USA Today reported on the “white teeth diet,” consisting of foods that can potentially keep your teeth from developing that unfortunate yellow color. Supported by many dentists, this diet also informs people of foods to avoid that have been known to stain and eat away at the surface of teeth.

First, the news source mentioned “toothbrush foods” that work by gently scrubbing the teeth as you consume them. These include apples, carrots, celery and fresh green beans, which have the added benefits of being low in calories and full of nutrients that encourage healthy gums.

Next, USA Today talked about foods that polish teeth, removing already existing stains. Strawberries and oranges have an enzyme called malic acid that works to keep teeth whiter, longer. Hard cheeses also scrub the surfaces of the mouth.

Finally, the news provider offered a list of foods that will dull the color of teeth. Many people know that coffee, blueberries and red wine can cause stains, but there are other drinks that also affect their appearance. White wine contains certain acids that wear away at the lining of teeth, and sports drinks and sodas have similar chemicals that may cause discoloration.

Using the “white teeth diet” could be one way to improve your smile without breaking the bank.

What techniques do you use to whiten your teeth?

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