The Toothbrush Task Force: Because Getting Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth isn’t Always Easy

Melissa (standing, first from left): Melissa’s son isn’t the biggest fan of brushing his teeth or using mouthwash. To help, she brushes her teeth with him. A renewals specialist at, Melissa enjoys reading books and playing video games, or watching movies with her son.

Nirit (standing, second from left): To get her two boys excited about their dental care, Nirit lets them pick out their own character toothbrushes and toothpaste. They’ve also made up names for a pair of germs they have to catch every night when they brush their teeth. An enrollment specialist at, Nirit loves to read to her kids and take winter road trips.

Risa (standing, third from left): Every weekday that starts with a ‘t’ is ‘tickle time’ for Risa and her two girls. Not your average kids when it comes to dental care, her girls love going to the dentist. They also have three different toothbrushes to choose from when it comes time to brush. Risa is an enrollment specialist at

Lisbeth (seated, first from left): To put some fun in dental care, Lisbeth races to the bathroom with her three kids to see who can get their first too start brushing their teeth. A renewals specialist at, Lisbeth and her family love going ice-skating and staying in for a quiet movie night at home.

Nancy (seated, second from left): Nancy has a mouthful of tricks when it comes time to get her two children to brush their teeth. But, usually singing works. And occasionally, she needs to bribe them. She is an Enrollment Specialist at who loves to relax with her friends when she’s not busy working and being a mom.

Jenny (seated, third from left): When Jenny’s daughter gets excited and yells “teeth, teeth, teeth!” … the two take turns brushing each other’s teeth. Her daughter also gets excited when it comes time to jump and tumble at their parent-child gym class. Jenny is a renewals specialist at  

Nicole (not pictured): Mom to one boy, Nicole and her son make dental care fun by letting him pick out electric superhero toothbrushes. Nicole loves to go to the beach and zoo with her family, and is about to add a baby girl to the bunch in February. Nicole is a broker-affiliate group manager at

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