The Impact of Dental Stress on Headaches

Think of the month of June and visions of barbecues, swimming pools, vacations, and camp probably dance in your head. But June is also the month in which we raise awareness about a less pleasant subject that may also be in your head. We’re talking about headaches.


June 1st through 7th is National Headache Awareness Week, and if you’re wondering why your friends at :DentalPlans are reminding you, it’s because for many sufferers, the pain starts in an unsuspected place: Your mouth.


Here are some sobering statistics:


• One in eight Americans suffer from headaches so severe they interfere with normal living.

• 40% of healthy people suffer from chronic headache pain.

• 80% of headaches occur from muscle tension.

• A common cause of muscle tension is dental stress, including a bad bite.


Headaches that originate from a bad bite are often categorized by:


• Pain in one or both sides of your head, as if a steel band is wrapped around it.

• Pain behind the eyes.

• Jaw pain upon awakening.

• Teeth grinding.

• Persistent toothaches.

• A clicking or popping of jaw joints.

• Referred pain in the cheeks or neck.

• A head or scalp that is painful to the touch.


Now while extremely severe headaches may require emergency medical attention (those, for instance, that cause arm or leg weakness, vision loss, disorientation, or a loss of consciousness), those suspected to originate from dental pain, require a call and visit to the dentist.


He or she will examine your teeth, jaw, and muscles to see if your bite is to blame. And if it is, a course of treatment that may dental work, physical therapy and relaxation, may be in order.


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