Teething Remedies: Tips from the Toothbrush Task Force Moms

Almost every parent knows the symptoms: swollen gums, loss of appetite, sleepless nights and general crankiness.  Although teething may occur when a child is anywhere from three months up to two years old, it can feel like an eternity if you don’t have the proper remedy.

Our Toothbrush Task Force moms know the joys of that time in a child’s life all too well; and so, they have decided to share their teething tips for our blog readers.

JENNY: Hyland’s teething tablets seemed to relieve my daughter when she got fussy, and of course, the trusty teething rings. But overall she got through that stage pretty well; she was a little trooper! I wish every stage was that easy!

NANCY: I believe in dosing them with Motrin or Tylenol.  A frozen washcloth or binky in the mouth will also do the trick.

NIRIT: I have tried everything to soothe my teething babies, including frozen rings, which they never really cared for (they liked chewing on them unfrozen). I never tried the numbing creams since I figured the excessive amount of saliva of a teething baby would wash it right off. Therefore, I resorted to picking up my baby and pacing around the room. It worked like magic on the crying baby, although it wasn’t so magical for my back.

MELISSA: When my son was teething, he wanted to bite on everything. I triedOrajel a few times but he didn’t like the taste. Then, I tried popsicles which allowed his gums to be frozen so the teething didn’t hurt as much. The most famous teething cure was him gumming my fingers.

RISA: When my kids were teething, I had ice toys that they sucked on.  They were put in the freezer and then when they were ready to be played with, we took them out and they loved them.

NICOLE: For teething, I used Hyland’s teething tablets-they dissolve in the baby’s mouth and my son seemed to love them!  Shortly after he was teething though, there was a recall on them stating they contained small amounts of belladonna!

How did you help your infant get through teething? Please share your stories, tips and/or resources you used to soothe your kids sore gums.

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