Take Your Child To Work Day

DentalPlans.com celebrated Take Your Child To Work Day on Thursday, April 11th, welcoming its employees’ kids to tour the office and see what their parents did at work.

Children explored each department and learned a little about how each department works. They sat in the call center and listened to calls, utilized the break room to its fullest potential, created logos for the company, and most importantly, had fun.

“They loved the break room, logo creation, and call shadowing the agents in the call center,” said Anne Cooper who led the group of more than 20 children around the offices. “The kids were very eager to learn new things about how the company works, asking many intelligent questions as we toured each new department and picking up on details of our business that we had not discussed. Overall it was a great learning experience for them and us as a company.”

You can check out more photos of DentalPlans.com celebrating Take Your Child To Work Day on Facebook here.

Did you bring your child to work with you for Take Your Child To Work Day? Share with us in the comments below.

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