Search Engine Marketing @ SES London: Employee Update

London is an absolutely brilliant city with an enchanting blend of old world charm and new school sophistication.

Steps away from Big Ben and Westminster Abbey is the London Eye, a giant ferris wheel with observation pods that overlook the city from the South Bank of the River Thames. This mix of old and new makes London the perfect setting for the 2011 Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference.

I’m representing and at SES London to network with other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) professionals and learn about upcoming industry trends.

At its core, SEM combines “old school” marketing efforts like producing content and public relations with “new” marketing efforts like Social Media and Search Engine Optimization. One of the overwhelming themes of the SES London conference is the ongoing predominance of Social Media.

It’s true … Social Media, the new kid on the SEM block, is all grown up and ready to paint the town red. Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms are clearly the preferred distribution channels for many SEM professionals and have blown past many “old school” marketing techniques like email blasts.

However, that does not mean that we should take an “out with the old and in with the new” stance. The most effective SEM strategies will still balance old and new online marketing methods to maximize reach. Stay tuned for more on SES London and the top SEM trends for 2011.

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