Pinterest “Pins” for Children’s Dental Health Month

Let’s face it, going to the dentist and taking care of our teeth aren’t the most entertaining to our kids. So how can you make dental care fun?

We’’ve found five fun dental care “pins” to help your kids learn good dental care habits.

The Egg & Soda Experiment – If you have a hard time getting your child to brush his or her teeth, it might be time to try the Egg and Soda Experiment. Use this experiment to help show your child the damage soda can do to their teeth and why brushing after drinking it is important.

Children Dental Health

Clean Teeth Crafts –Another great activity to help teach kids the importance of cleaning their teeth. Let the kids paint their yellow teeth cards with root bear to represent what happens to teeth when you drink soda. Then have them use a toothbrush and white paint to give their teeth cards a pearly shine.

Childrens Dental Health

Flossing Book  Teach your kids how to floss properly using this cool fold-out flossing book. Show them how to weave the dental floss between the paper teeth and explain to them the importance of flossing after every meal.

Childrens Dental Health

Healthy Teeth Snack – Give your kids something to smile about with this cute and tasty snack. Simple to make, this snack gives kids the best of both worlds: healthy apple slices and sweet marshmallows to munch on.

Childrens Dental Health

Happy Tooth, Sad Tooth Activity – This activity helps kids figure out what foods are good for teeth and which ones are bad. Print Happy Tooth and Sad Tooth and have your kids try to sort which food item is healthy or unhealthy for teeth and have them place it next the appropriate tooth.


For more fun dental care “pins,” check out our “Kid’s Dental” board on Pinterest.




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