National Cubicle Day at

Before the cubicle was invented in the 1960’s, work spaces consisted of rows of desks stuck together, leaving little to no privacy or space for creativity.

Today, cubicles give office workers a way to show their originality, and employees are decorating their cubes to their tastes. After all, if you’re spending the majority of your day in the same spot, it should be cozy and comfortable!

April 28th is National Cubicle Day; so, we’re sharing how these five employees at have furnished their work areas to create a fun and customized environment.

Jamie S. – As a mega Star Wars fan and collector of random junk, PR Specialist Jamie has a cubicle featuring a talking Yoda doll, Darth Vader mask, WWE championship belt, Bumbles doll from Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys, and an awkward family photos calendar.

Sage B. – When she can’t make it to the beach, Sage, the Communications Specialist at, brings the waves to her. She keeps scenic images and photos of previous beach vacations with her family at her desk for a feel-good, island vibe.

Kelly R. – Enrollment Specialist, Kelly, has knick-knacks from all of her vacations at her desk, along with tons of pictures of friends and family to remind her of her best memories.

Kelly R

Stephanie P. – For a quick laugh, Stephanie’s cubicle is the place to go. She posts funny calendar pictures at her desk regularly to lighten up the office mood. Stephanie is’s Marketing Specialist.


Danielle G. Also an Enrollment Specialist, Danielle keeps pictures from her wedding day and other memorable moments at her cubicle, and on her computer’s screensaver, to make her work area more homey.

Danielle G

If you’re feeling inspired to turn your work space into a personal sanctuary, check out thishow-to guide to help get you started.

How have you decorated your cubicle to make it feel more like home? Share with us in the comments below.

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