Moving? How to Transfer Important Health & Dental Records


As you prepare to move, don’t forget to move your important health and dental records. It’s much easier to get copies of health records before your move rather than having to rush to get copies next time you make an appointment, or if you have a health emergency.

Here are some moving tips for health and dental records:

Know Your Rights

You have the right to get copies of your records or have them transferred to your new provider. Doctors and dentists are allowed to charge you for copies of your records, but the charges should only reflect the time it takes staff to make copies, plus the cost of the copies and postage, if applicable. This means it shouldn’t cost you a fortune to move your records.

  • Call your health care provider to get an exact cost estimate over the phone before you move.
  • Offer to pick the records up in person if that will save money.
  • Consider scheduling a dental cleaning before your move to get that taken care of with a familiar office and staff. It’ll be one less thing to worry about when you focus on moving.

Know Your Responsibilities

Your health care provider can’t give you or another provider your records without your written authorization.

  • Before moving, sign any necessary paperwork to allow your doctor or dentist to release your records. The same goes for your kids’ records.
  • Routines and requirements may change from provider to provider; investigate early on so you have enough time to handle paperwork before you move.
  • If you’re already in contact with new doctors and dentists, ask them what they need. They may not need X-rays or other records, and if that’s the case, you can avoid having to deal with those particular records.
  • Some dentists and doctors keep digital records. Find out if it’s possible for you to sign a release and have your health care provider send your records via email after you move.

Do you have any moving tips for your health and dental records? Share with us in the comments below.

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