Keep Your Teeth Safe While Enjoying Your Summer

Summertime=Warmth, Vacation, and…Calculus?

Introducing Six Common Dental Problems To Avoid


We interrupt this summer with a special :DentalPlans update, designed to keep you safe, healthy, and enjoying this wonderful time of year.


Look, we hate to be a downer, but with all of its joys, summer is not without its health and safety hazards. There are the obvious ones, like sunburns, bug bites, sports/water injuries, and car trouble, and then there are the lesser-known troubles—dental troubles–that can also put a real damper on things.

The good news is that little bit of knowledge and prevention can go a long way to ensuring your and your family’s health and safety. So, please take a few minutes and prevent these six, very common mishaps:


1. Calculus. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about advanced math. Calculus is also the name for the tartar (aka, excessive plaque build-up) that appears on your teeth. If you’re thinking, “I brush, floss, and go the dentist…I’m good,” that may not be enough if you spend a lot of hours in the pool each week. Regular swimmers (six hours/week) expose their teeth to chemicals in the water that quickly break down salivary proteins causing hard brown deposits. Get to the dentist for a professional cleaning asap if this is happening to you.


2. Diver’s Mouth Syndrome or Tooth Squeeze. If you are among the many of this country’s scuba divers, you have, no doubt, been well trained in equipment use, water safety, and sea life. But there is something else you need to know about to ensure you’re well being: Diver’s Mouth Syndrome. This extremely painful condition is caused by air pressure changes and biting down too hard on the mouthpiece, combined with some pre-existing dental issues like cavities, root canals, loose fillings, or implant problems. If you’re a diver, it’s proper practice to get a full dental check-up before your next expedition.


3. Sports injuries. The downside of sports, exercise, and camp for the kids? Injuries, of course. So in order to enjoy summer sports and athletics in all their glory, we recommend that participants wear a mouth guard.  There is a range to choose from, but purchasing one specifically created for you by your dentist is best.


4. Lip burn. You know about the importance of sunscreen whenever you’re outside, but many people neglect one of their most sensitive parts: Their lips. And that can cause severe, painful burns with dangerous long-term consequences. Prevention is easy. Just be sure to apply lip balm or lipgloss/lipstick with SPF daily, and at regular intervals.


5. Chipped teeth. Here’s what are tools: Can openers, bottle openers, and scissors. Here’s what are not: Your teeth! Please…the next time you go to open a jar, can, or package with your teeth, take a minute and grab the right tool instead. It’s easy to forget if you’re outside and don’t have them handy, but stop and think. Many trips to the ER and dentist, a lot of pain, and tons of money can be saved if you take the time to think twice, and urge others to as well.


6. Long-term damage due to diet. We know, we know. It’s summer…relax. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you that sugar filled and teeth-staining foods and beverages (soda, tea, coffee, alcohol) should always be consumed in moderation, both for your overall and dental health. Some quick fixes if you’re out and about: Drink and swish with plenty of water, eat sweets as part of the meal rather than at the end, brush whenever possible, and have sugar-free gum handy to activate salivary glands.


Enjoy your August, and please stay safe!


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