Introducing Our New Vision Plan: VSP’s Choice Access® has some great news for Members and potential customers. We expanded our discount vision program by adding a third provider, VSP, to the company’s offerings through Careington. has long been the leading retailer of dental savings plans and the addition of VSP’s Choice Access® Plan allows the company to extend more choices and savings to its members for eye care services. Vision plans help our members save money at participating eye doctors where they work, shop and live.


Here are some common questions we get on our discount vision programs:

Q. What does VSP’s Choice Access® Plan cover?
A. Members save 15% to 35% off eye exams and eye glasses by using VSP’s Choice Access® Plan. Members will receive a discount, or pay the maximum amount based on the regional fee schedule averages; whichever amount is less. Depending on the doctor’s location, the maximum costs and savings will vary. VSP’s Choice Access® Plan has more than 52,000 participating points of care in retail and medical locations and is made up of some of the top independent vision providers nationwide.
Q. How does VSP’s Choice Access® Plan benefit Members or potential customers?
A. The addition of the new vision plan allows to offer more choices to consumers. Consumers can then select the plan that best fits their vision care needs.
Q. Why do we carry vision care?
A. is committed to connecting consumers with savings. The addition of our vision products enables us to extend more ways consumers can save on their healthcare.
Q. Why is vision care important?
A. Frequent eye care exams are an important part of maintaining a good health routine for adults and children. Regular eye care is essential in detecting signs of serious health conditions like glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

With eye care’s relation to such health issues, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also provides some shocking facts on the status of vision care among adults in the United States:

  • The percentage of adults 40 years and older who reported no visit to an eye care provider in the past year ranged from 30 to 44 percent among the participating states.

  • The percentage of adults 40 years and older who reported not having health insurance coverage for eye care ranged from 22 to 52 percent among the states.

  • The prevalence of fair or poor health for people aged 65 years and older with moderate or extreme vision impairment was 43 percent, compared to 30 percent for those with a little vision impairment, and 24 percent for those with no vision impairment.


With VSP’s Choice Access® Plan helping members save on eye exams and eyeglasses, continues to make vision more accessible to Americans. While this plan is not insurance, it is a savings plan allowing Members to receive a discount, or pay a standard amount based on regional fee schedule averages; whichever amount is less. Individual plans are available for $29.95 per year and family plans are available for $49.95 per year.


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