How to Compare Dentists After You Move

When you create your moving checklist, don’t forget to make time to find a dental dentist in your area.

Dental care can be a source of stress and anxiety if you’re not happy with your dentist, so make it a priority to choose the best dentist for your needs when you move. Use these helpful guidelines to compare and select dental professionals after moving:

  • Consider your needs: Are you nonchalant about dentistry or do you require special handling, such as sedation dentistry? If you have dental anxiety, the atmosphere of the office can go a long way. Avoid offices without private exam rooms if you’re troubled by exams and procedures going on within earshot. Look for offices with evening and weekend appointment availability if it’s difficult for you to get away from work. Do you require an oral surgeon or orthodontist? Find out if the office has specialists on staff.
  • Work with your dental insurance provider: If you have dental insurance, find out which local dentists accept your insurance. Then narrow it down by offices in your network. Depending on the insurance you carry, your options may be limited. If you hate doing paperwork, look for a dentist who will file your insurance for you. Otherwise, you may end up neglecting paperwork and missing the window for reimbursement. If you don’t have dental insurance, consider a dental plan.
  • Search online: Do a search for dental professionals before moving. Various sites allow users to review professionals, including dentists and oral surgeons. Find out what others are saying about the dentists in your area. Pay attention to issues like price, timeliness and the attitudes of office staff.
  • Visit your dental professional’s office: Before you book your first appointment and have your dental records sent over, ask for a tour of the dentist office. Unless you check the place out first- hand, it’s impossible to see if the general vibe meshes with what you’d like from your dental professional. Look for distraction techniques like headphones and TV, and pay attention to the way the office sounds and smells. If you’re happy with your dentist, you’ll be more likely to make and maintain regular exam appointments.

What do you find important to look for when choosing a new dentist? Share with us in the comments below.

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