Benefits and Losses: How the ACA Has Affected Dental Care for Part-Time Workers

Some call it the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or, more simply, the Affordable Care Act. Others call it Obamacare. But there’s one thing almost everyone agrees on: Understanding this massive overhaul of our healthcare system (the most significant since 1965) – and the benefits one may or may not be entitled to as a result – is no mean feat.

As a Dental Plans Company, we receive all sorts of questions from all types of people about which plan might work best for them. And we know that news regarding part-time employees has been especially confused.Here are some basics.


First, a breakdown of the law as it pertains to health care overall:


  1. While large employers (those with more than 50 employees) are required to offer health care to full-time employees, companies can decide if they want to offer coverage to part-time workers.
  2. A part-time worker is defined as one who works less than 30 hours per week.
  3. Some employers have reduced hours for part-time jobs to just below 30 hours per week.
  4. Others, who used to provide limited coverage to part-time workers, are now encouraging employees to buy their own plans, and are even giving employees money to help ease the blow of these costs.


Now, here are some things part-time employees need to know specifically about dental care:


  1. If a part-time worker elects to purchase health care through (Affordable Health Act’s website), dental care is not included.
  2. Pediatric dental care is critical, but may not be included in your general healthcare plan, so research carefully (if it is included, only the adults in the family may need other dental coverage).
  3. Part-time employees should compare dental insurance plans to other dental plan options to find what is most affordable and makes most sense to them.
  4. By March 31st, 2014, part-time employees who elect to use ACA plans need to be enrolled or they will face fees.


So, anyone interviewing for a new part-time position would be wise to ask their prospective employer these questions:


  1. Hour-wise, how do you define a part-time employee?
  2. Do you offer benefits for part-timers/do they include dental care?
  3. If you don’t offer benefits, is there a cash payout for obtaining them?
  4. How long do employees work here before receiving benefits – and do they cover both preventive and emergency care?


Whether dental care is included in health care plans, you need it. Preventive and emergency dental care is essential – for your oral and overall health.


Anyone who is not satisfied with their existing or future dental coverage has two options…scouring myriad insurance plans (via or the marketplace as a whole) or contacting the source for the most plans at the best prices: DentalPlans.Com. One quick call and we’ll have your and your family’s needs met.


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Part-time or not, we promise: You’ll get our full attention!


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