Help Your Children Dream of a White Smile During the Holidays

“I’m dreaming of a White…Smile.”


Ok, ok. Maybe we’ve taken some liberty with the words. But if you’re anything like us here at, a big part of enjoying the holidays is ensuring that everyone’s not just together, happy, and full to the brim, but also healthy and accident-free. So we’re asking you to keep in mind that some of the most dangerous holiday foods for you and your family’s teeth – like candy canes and gingerbread houses – are responsible for chipped and broken teeth and other dental emergencies every year.


“What!” you may be saying. “No candy canes? No houses? That’s my tradition and I’m sticking to it. Who are you people?”


Not to worry. We’re not looking to put a damper on anyone’s holiday. But we have done a bit of research on Pinterest to find some festive, fun, and tooth-friendly alternatives to the classics.


Take a look:


(photo via Creative Kidlets 101)


Here’s a way of serving all the sweetness of a candy cane with all the healthy advantages of fresh fruit and vanilla yogurt. And did you know that bananas are a natural tooth whitener? True story. You can even get kids in on the preparation by asking them to help you create perfect slices of fruit with – what else? – dental floss!


And while we’re on the subject of dental floss, here are other ways anyone can utilize it to help serve professional-looking portions of other holiday foods…


(photo via Twisted Sifter)


…and even decorate with it?


(photo via


Now, we all know that gingerbread houses can be beautiful to look at, but biting into one…OW!


But with little effort (far less in fact, than making the real thing), you can create something just as festive, and infinitely less dangerous. Take a look at these houses created with graham crackers and pretzels:


(photo via The Tiny Funnel)


(photo via


And if you prefer, can even skip the house-look altogether, and create these sweet designs (just rinse with water or brush after partaking):


(photo via Pop Sugar)


Children as young as preschoolers learn about the importance of dental health – not only for their teeth and mouths – but for their overall wellness.


At this time of year, it’s easy for children AND adults to get caught up in the festivities and forget to be proactive about their health.


If YOUR kids need visual reminders about the damage certain foods and drinks can have on their teeth, you can try either of these time-efficient activities at home:


(photo via Team Johnson)

(photo via Things to Share & Remember)


They’ll keep even the youngest children busy and teach them some valuable information, so you can focus on the wrapping, cooking, planning, decorating, and table setting.


From all of us to all of you, have a joyful, healthy and safe holiday! Pin these activities to share with your family, or leave your favorites with us in your comments below!

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