Healthy Holiday Gifts for You and Your Family

Oh December! My how you have come quickly with your frantic patrons clustered through malls, toffee kiosks are up and screaming for my business, and the sweet smell of home-baked sugar cookies is emanating from various stores as I attempt to shop. When I think of December I think about some of my annual traditions of which include spending time with my family, finding gifts for my loved ones and, of course, my end of year dental checkup and cleaning.

The holiday season is where I am extra cautious of my oral care as I become fully aware that the consumption of all these sugary treats comes with a toll on my gums and teeth if proper care is not taken.  Our oral health affects our health more than we realize, and it is extremely important that we take advantage of all the dental products out there to maintain a healthy, picture-worthy smile.

I am so excited that we have partnered with one of my personal favorite oral care brands, GUM®, this holiday season to offer our fans the chance to win one of 24 gift baskets in our annual 12 Days of Giveaways. As a loyal GUM® customer, I wanted to spotlight a few healthy holiday gifts that make great substitutes for the usual stocking stuffers.

  1. Crayola™ SQUEEZE-A-COLOR Toothpaste will entice your little ones to brush with three delicious flavors: Melon Blast, Blueberry Burst, and Jazzy Apple. The second this toothpaste touches a tooth the flavor bursts through your mouth making the experience of brushing much more exciting for kids. Dispensing of the paste comes out smoothly, and with the tip of the toothpaste shaped like a crayon, kids can mix and match flavors as they wish!
  2. The Crayola™ Timer Light Toothbrush is a children’s toothbrush that only continues the fun with a light up timer that dazzles in 60-second intervals encouraging children to brush the dentist-recommended two minutes. With Dome-Trim® bristles cleaning below the gum line AND a handle that suctions to the counter in a stand-alone position – what’s not to love?
  3. GUM® Eez-Thru® Flossers with Vitamin E and Fluoride make flossing easy and effortless. With icy mint flavoring and shred-resistant floss you easily can remove plaque between your teeth at home or on the go.
  4. The Pulse® Rotapower Toothbrush is an automatic toothbrush that doesn’t cost a bundle with all the perks of one that does. The rotating head is designed to make it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas of the mouth and easy to maneuver between your teeth and gum line. This battery operated toothbrush also offers replaceable heads, so you do not have to buy a new brush every three months.
  5. Ever had a stubborn piece of food stuck in your mouth after dinner? We’ve all been there. GUM® Soft-Picks® can dislodge food for you, take care of hard-to-remove plaque and massage your gums. These were designed to help clean hard to reach spaces, and, in my opinion, surely make toothpicks a thing of the past.

A toothbrush or floss always makes a fabulous stocking stuffer to give your loved ones as they are everyday essentials. The best part is you won’t have to fight a crowd to purchase a GUM® product as they can be found at your local drugstore or right at your home by purchasing online. Enjoy a special 10% off plus free shipping with coupon GUMDP!

With five days left in our 12 Days of Giveaways, don’t let your smile make you camera shy this holiday season. Head on over to our Facebook Page to enter for your chance at dozens of gifts!

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