Healthy Breakfast Alternatives for a Healthier Smile

Do you need to have that cup of coffee every morning to get you going? While many people need a bit of caffeine to help them kick-start their days, it should be known that coffee can wreak havoc on their teeth. Not only does this beverage cause stains, but the acids in coffee can wear away at tooth enamel, increasing your risk of experiencing decay. Maybe coffee isn’t your thing, but do you go for a sugar-packed energy drink instead or perhaps your favorite brand of frosted cereal? These options aren’t much better, since all of the sugar feeds the bacteria that attack teeth.

Breakfast is one of the most sugar-filled and acid-packed meals of the day between coffee, citrus fruits and sugary cereals, but it is also the most important. However, healthier options are out there to help you start your day right.


Drink More Water

Insufficient water intake can cause pain and even depression, as well as obvious dehydration. Now, you don’t have to drink just plain old water. Instead, consider adding some lemon to your H2O or even drinking coconut water. Coconut water is very low in sugar and calories and is also packed with nutrients. While there are many brands of coconut water, if you have the right tools, you can purchase a coconut and do it the natural way.


Opt for a Smoothie

Another healthy drink to consider in the morning is a fruit smoothie. While the smoothies you get at the mall or other places may be filled with sugar, when you make them yourself, you’re in control of what the ingredients are. If you make a smoothie with fruit and low-fat yogurt or milk, then you’re not only getting healthy antioxidants from fruit, but you’ll also be getting calcium from the dairy products. Calcium helps promote strong bones and healthy teeth, which is why you should be getting it from food whenever possible.


Incorporate Veggies

If you’re used to eating sugary cereal or a donut in the morning, it may be helpful to add some veggies to your breakfast. For example, Fitness Magazine recommends a spinach omelet made with egg whites and a side of whole-grain toast. Not only delicious, but this is a healthy and filling alternative, which may help you eat less throughout the day. Also, if you can handle the sometimes strong flavor, drinking pure vegetable juice can be a great start to your day because it offers you a host of healthy vitamins and minerals, without the calories or sugar.


Eat Cereals Low in Sugar

If you’re pressed for time in the morning, you may not be ready to give up the convenience of cereal in exchange for an omelet. This is fine, as long as you make sure you’re choosing the right cereals. Look for brands that have less than 10 grams of sugar per serving whenever possible.


Consider the Definition of Breakfast

The Mayo Clinic points out that many of the healthiest things you can eat in the morning are not traditionally considered breakfast foods. For instance, leftover pizza with veggies on it can provide vitamins, minerals, calcium and protein, as can a sandwich with lean meat, low-fat cheese and veggies.


Will you consider all of these healthy options next time you make breakfast? Are there other healthy alternatives we left out? Let us know below!

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