Healthy and Inexpensive Ways to Whiten Your Teeth


If you’re strapped for cash these days, like so many Americans are, then you may not be spending money on expensive dental care products. While toothpaste and brushes can usually be found for a reasonable price, if your teeth have been looking a little yellow lately there are few low-cost whitening kits. Luckily, there are some simple and natural ways that you can brighten your smile without going broke.

The Huffington Post and Total Beauty spoke to dentists who explained cheap and natural ways to whiten your teeth at home.


  1. Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables – The Huffington Post spoke to Emanuel Layliev D.D.S., a cosmetic dentist at the NY Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, who said that celery, apples and carrots work as natural whitening agents by scrubbing teeth and lifting stains.
  2. Wear bronzer – Real Beauty had this interesting tip from Gregg Lituchy, D.D.S., who said that your teeth will appear whiter if you wear bronzer. This cosmetic will create a greater contrast between your skin and your teeth, which will make them stand out more and look brighter. Apply bronzer to your temples, the hollow of your cheeks and chin to create this effect.
  3. Grab some cheese – Dairy products such as cheese and milk contain minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, which have been shown to potentially protect tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay.
  4. Use Vaseline to coat your teeth – Yes, it does sound a little gross, but according to Lituchy this one really works. If you rub a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your teeth it may offer added protection against acidic foods and drinks. While it may feel a little strange at first, the dentist said that it’s worth it when you know your morning coffee won’t stain your teeth as much as usual.
  5. Sugar-free gum – Chewing gum helps promote saliva production, which is important since saliva washes away leftover food particles from the teeth. You should consider chewing this gum following a meal.
  6. Choose strawberries for dessert – This fruit contains seeds that can scrub the teeth and help remove stains. According to Total Beauty, some dentists even recommend mashing strawberries together with baking soda and using it to brush your teeth for an at-home whitening routine.



These tips involve many ingredients you probably already have in your house, so what are you waiting for? Go whiten those teeth!

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