Healthier Treats for Halloween

Halloween is rapidly approaching, which can be a dangerous time for kid’s dental health. Between all of the chocolate, sticky caramel and hard candies, a child can experience a barrage of dental health issues because of this day. However, parents can make their house part of the solution rather than the problem, by handing out teeth-friendly snacks and prizes instead of teeth-rotting candies.
Now, no one wants to be the house that hands out pennies or pencils, since that may increase your risk of being on the receiving end of a Halloween “trick.” Luckily, there are many things that kids love that you can give out this season that won’t pose a threat to their teeth.Chocolate-covered pretzels – These treats still involve chocolate, which everyone loves, but they are much less harmful to the teeth than chewy caramel-filled snacks.

Glow-in-the-dark bracelets Baby Center recommends this unique option, which kids will love because they are fun and last longer than candy.

Microwave popcorn – Who doesn’t love popcorn? Kids certainly do, and while popcorn kernels may pose a threat to teeth, as long as kids floss afterward and do not chomp down on these hard kernels, then everything should be just fine.

Halloween-themed toys – You can find many Halloween-themed rings, bracelets and toys for an extremely low cost, according to TLC Family. Consider some spider rings, vampire teeth or orange and black gel pens. Kids will love them and want to show their friends!

Tattoos – Stick-on tattoos are fun, safe and a great alternative to candy on Halloween. You can get ones that feature bats, witches or other scary things, or topical ones based on popular kids TV shows.

Sugar-free gum – While it may not sound like the most exciting snack, there are many new flavors of sugar-free gum on the market that kids are sure to love. Plus, getting an entire pack of gum for kids can be more exciting than just getting a single piece of candy.

Sticky hands – Kids absolutely love these gummy hands, which are meant to be thrown against walls or other surfaces that they can stick to. They can be a real pain to get off of the ceiling or other high places, but parents may thank you in the long run for not contributing to their child’s tooth decay.

Would you consider passing out these Halloween candy alternatives? Let us know in the comments below!


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