Heal Your Cavities, Naturally? Remineralizing Your Teeth

So many of the stories are the same.


They always start when Dad or a kid wanders up to his wife/mom, opens wide and shows her some particularly horrible dental disaster. Mom is horrified, shocked, dismayed, sad …. and concerned about how much money fixing the horror is going to cost.


But hey – no need for a dentist. Mom has either heard, is told, or discovers online that teeth can heal themselves naturally if you change your diet.  She implements an action plan, and voila – before you know it the cavities are all gone. Life is good again.


Mom tells her story on her blog, carefully mentioning a particular book that has populated the “heal your teeth” concept so others can know all about this secret the scientists and medical industry are keeping from us.

Remineralize your teeth


No one is involved in a deep, dark plot to hide the fact that teeth can repair small scale injuries on their own. Edmond R. Hewlett, a professor at the UCLA School of Dentistry, explained the process in a recent Los Angeles Times article on new dental techniques to heal cavities.


Hewlett noted that sugary or strongly acidic foods strip microscopic amounts of minerals from the utter enamel of teeth, which are then replaced by exposure to the calcium and phosphate contained in saliva. Eat too much candy and citrus juice and your body simply can’t repair the damage quickly enough.


Enter products that ramp up the remineralizing repair process. These include fluoridated water, toothpastes and mouthwashes as well as the newer creams and washes that also contain calcium and phosphate (Casein phosphopeptides-amorphous calcium phosphate – CPP-ACP).


Some people also believe a Paleo diet, and drinking “bone broth” will speed the repair process more naturally. Others think that it’s less about what you eat and more about what you don’t eat. Avoid consuming a lot of soda, sugary starchy foods, and citrus drinks. Brush as soon as possible after meals.


If you have dry mouth, find ways to increase salvia flow. For some people sugarless mints and gum along with frequent sips of water is all it takes to manage dry mouth, others may need an over the counter mouthwash, gum or other product made specifically to counteract dry mouth.


New dental treatments heal cavities naturally


Research at King’s College London has led to the development of a process called electrically accelerated and enhanced remineralization, which is being developed by Reminova, a company set up by the researchers who developed the EAER process.  It is expected to come to the market within three years.


The treatment would be done by dentists, and would utilize electrical current to “push” minerals into the tooth to repair the cavity and reverse the decay. It may also be used to whiten teeth.


The process was developed to utilize the natural healing capabilities on large cavities that the body struggles to heal. It’s intended to cost about the same as a traditional filling, and is expected to be a painless process.


The sooner the better, as the World Health Organization estimates that 60–90% of school children and nearly 100% of adults around the globe have a dental cavity.


Healing early damage through healthy eating and good hygiene is obviously possible. The jury is still out on what may be a very extended break on whether large cavities and severe decay can be reversed by changing your diet. Our best advice is go to your dentist and talk with him or her to develop a holistic approach towards oral health.


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