Happy Valentine’s Day from DentalPlans.com

Today is a day to celebrate, and eat sweets of course; however, Valentine’s Day is no exception when it comes to taking great care of your teeth.

Indulging in the typical Valentine’s Day treats comes at a cost to one’s dental health. The candy exchanged today is most likely high in sugar, which is know to cause tooth decay. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), when consumed sugar sits in the mouth and interacts with plaque, acids are produced that attack the teeth for at least 20 minutes. This unpleasant process can end in tooth decline and decay.

Avoid a sour experience on this sweet day and practice your dental hygiene techniques. Brush at least twice a day (for two minutes each) and floss at least once. According to the ADA it will decrease your chance of sugar damage. Drinking lots of water to flush out the acids helps too.

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day?

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