Growing Up with a Toothbrush

At what age did you start brushing and flossing without having mom watch your technique?


As most children gain their permanent teeth at age 6, parents are tasked with teaching their kids proper dental maintenance at a young age. From toothbrushes placed at 45 degree angles to reciting the ABC song, there’s a mouthful of ways parents can instill lifelong dental care habits.


After all, according to the Academy of General Dentistry, tooth decay is the most common and the most preventable disease in children.


For tips on how to get your kids brushing young and when to schedule their first primary dental visit, check out this report from


And the home isn’t the only place where kids can bite on the importance of oral health. Many local schools, clinics and community initiatives provide education and dental tips for children. For example, just last week the Dallas Morning News reported that nearly 240 first graders in Texas were visited by the Fantastic Teeth Club for a lesson on healthy teeth and free tooth decay kits.


Educating children on the significance of preventative dental care at a young age can help their oral health become a deep-rooted practice throughout their life.


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