Fun For Your Teeth


Wondering where your dentist is this weekend? He or she may be one of the 30,000 dentists attending the Chicago Dental Convention.

The convention floor will be packed with the newest dental products and technology, from 3D printers to products intended for you to use at home, such as:

  • A toothpaste that affixes itself to any plaque on your teeth and then turns teal green. The idea is to help you to improve those brushing skills. (yes, the green color does brush off).
  • An app that records any teeth grinding activity that happens while you are asleep. Your dentist will then listen to the recording to figure out how to treat your bruxism problem.
  • A new flossing tool that resembling miniature nunchucks (the two sticks connected by a chain used in Kung Fu martial arts), which reportedly will “give patients increased dexterity and control to easily floss with the dentist-recommended “C” shape.”
  • A “toothbrushing system” with accelerometers, gyroscopes, a Bluetooth link to a smartphone app, and cloud storage, that monitors how well you brush your teeth and provides constructive feedback. It is particularly concerned about stopping you from using excessive force while brushing, and if the sensors in its handle detect you are being too rough with your teeth warning lights will flash. If you pay no attention and continue to brutalize your teeth, the toothbrush powers down.

There will be plenty of fun technology for dentists too, including a dental laser that can zap cavities right out of your teeth with no need for anesthetic or drilling, and a new high-speed digital X-ray sensor to that can capture a high resolution image of your teeth in just three seconds.

There will also be a brand new something called a “backflow prevention saliva ejector valve” which is intended to virtually eliminate “backflow cross contamination risk between dental patients.” Apparently, “research has shown that backflow occurs in about 1 in 5 patients” who close their lips around a standard salvia ejection tip.

But it won’t be all fun and games. More than 230 workshops will be presented, on topics including access to care, dental implants, and new ways to restore broken, chipped, cracked or missing teeth.

“I want to thank the Chicago Dental Society for time and again bringing industry professionals and visitors from across the globe here to Chicago for an important convention that showcases some of the latest health care innovations while also providing a big boost to our local economy,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel, in a statement.

“In addition to promoting cutting-edge dental industry technology, this event provides dental professionals locally and abroad with insight into latest innovations in care that will help make our families and communities healthier.”

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