Four Frightening Dental Tales

When Broker-Affiliate & Group Manager Nicole G. was a teenager, a trampoline accident nearly cost her one of her front teeth! Not going to the dentistuntil her regular scheduled cleaning was a big surprise when the dentist let her know the tooth was turning gray! SIX root canals later, she was able to save the tooth, however, if she went to the dentist right away, she would have saved time and pain over the years. Moral of the story is always visit a dentist after any tooth trauma, even if it is not visible. And please, be careful on those darn trampolines!

Social Media Specialist Noelle G. had her wisdom teeth taken out in college, and it was her first experience with anesthesia. It wasn’t quite as bad as “David after the Dentist” but let’s just say it was close. She kept requesting to see her “twoof” that had been taken out. The hygienist did not oblige. Noelle gave the whole staff hugs anyway as a “thank you.”

When Rachel M. our Affiliate Manger was 8 years old, her 5 year-old brother was swinging a chair around in circles, and she accidentally stepped into his range of motion. Out came her 2 front teeth, both of which were adult teeth! Luckily, her family’s dentist lived across the street. The incident happened over the weekend, so her dentist took her to his office that evening and gave her temporary bonding to last through the weekend. The next day, she was eating a cupcake at a birthday party. Her temporary bonding didn’t survive-the tooth came out in the cupcake!  Pretty embarrassing. Years later, she has two beautiful front teeth, thanks to her amazing dentist!

From an early age, Rick H. our Graphic Designer enjoyed scary movies.  However, one movie in particular really stuck with him-Little Shop of Horrors. This movie made him scared of going to the dentist.  Back in the day, fluoride treatments were a total mess. When Rick complained to the dentist that he could not breathe from the sticky tray being in his mouth, the doctor would not let him remove it and held him back in the chair. Remembering the movie, he just thought the dentist was trying to kill him! He went into defense mode and punched the dentist.

Needless to say he had to find a new dentist. Looking back, he realized that wasn’t the best reaction, but hey…he was 9!  Since then, he has had 4 wisdom teeth removed, braces and countless other procedures with only one black eye.  It’s just a lesson for dentists everywhere; if someone acts like they can’t breathe, you might want to listen.

What’s your dental horror story? We want to know in the comments below!

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