Filling the Gaps in ACA Coverage


Whether you’re a news junkie or not, you’re probably aware: Americans have a big deadline on the immediate horizon (March 31st to be exact), and it’s affecting the way millions of us are looking at health care.

That deadline, of course, is the last day to enroll in a government-sponsored insurance plan, also called Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or And the bottom line is this: if you don’t enroll – and have no other health coverage – you are at risk. Yes, not having coverage could, of course, wreak havoc on your health and wallet. But now there is another penalty: a fine. Having some sort of coverage is mandatory, and time is running out fast.

At, we want to make sure that you’re prepared. So to simplify the most frequently asked questions and concerns our members have, we put the following Infographic together.


Some highlights:

  1. The ACA deadline is looming. You need a plan or will be fined.
  2. While having a dental plan is critical (dental work is expensive out-of-pocket, yet critical for obtaining/maintaining overall health), having one is legallyoptional for all adults and the vast majority of children (a few regions require dental coverage for kids).
  3. Many government health plans do not include dental plans; and dental plans cannot be purchased without the combined purchase of a health plan.
  4. Dental plans can be purchased from several sources including (we are not an insurance company… we have fantasticsavings plans at affordable prices).


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