Denture Cleaning Basics: The Truth About Caring for False Teeth

If you or someone you love is among the millions of seniors who wear dentures, you know their benefits. Chewing and talking are very much facilitated, and then there’s the confidence that comes with maintaining a great smile.


But not unlike teens with orthodontia, denture wearers also have two big responsibilities:

They need to keep their fragile apparatus clean, fresh, protected, and stain-f


  1.     They need to maintain their dentures’ integrity and safety, by making regular trips to the dentist.


Here are :DentalPlans’ tips for managing both tasks…

Keeping Them Clean


Denture wearers have been through a lot. They’ve lost some or all of their teeth due to a painful combination of tooth decay, gum disease, or an accident. They’ve also lots of time and money to obtain their replacement teeth.


Here’s how to take care of them.


What?                                                        How Often?

Carefully remove and rinse dentures        After snacks/meals.

under water to remove any debris. Put

them in a sanitary and safe place. Use

a soft toothbrush or gauze to clean

remaining teeth or palate.


With a mild denture cleaner, soap, or       At least once per day.

dishwashing liquid, and either a soft

toothbrush or denture brush, scrub

dentures. Note: Toothpastes, especially

whitening pastes, are too abrasive for



Soak dentures in room-temperature          Every night.

water, or, with a dentist’s approval,

a mild solution. Be careful of

products that contain chlorine, which

can tarnish metal, or hot water, which

can cause dentures to warp.


Rinse dentures thoroughly to ensure        Every morning.

hygiene and avoid the swallowing of

harmful chemicals.


Have a dentist appointment scheduled.    Always.



Keeping Them (and Yourself) Safe


Most dentists or prosthodontists (specialists with an expertise in restoring teeth) recommend two annual visits for all patients, and that certainly includes denture patients. In addition a general check-up, a dentist will ensure that dentures are fitting and functioning; that there are no signs of infection or disease; and that the patient’s mouth is  professionally cleaned.


A wearer who experiences any symptoms between office visits, such as irritation, sores in the mouth or gums, a loose tooth, or who sees that his or her dentures are in need of repair, should make an appointment immediately. As with all things medical, the sooner, the better.


Keeping Them Affordable


The costs of obtaining and maintaining dentures can be overwhelming, so please, look to :DentalPlans for help. Our company offers savings plans to help seniors without dental insurance (i.e., those who don’t have it via a retirement plan, a separate policy purchase, or The Affordable Health Care Act/Obamacare) get the dental care they need, simply and affordably. One low annual payment provides a year’s worth of discounts on whatever procedures one needs. And unlike insurance plans, there are no pre-existing conditions, enrollment deadlines, or other hassles to worry about.


To learn more, call one of our :DP AtYourService Customer Care Representatives at 1-800-238-5163.


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