Dentist of the Month: Your Dental Health Questions Answered


Our “Dentist of the Month” will be answering questions straight from dental patients and our Members. This month, Dr. David Ney who has provided dental care for families in the Charlotte area for the past 10 years will be answering your important dental health questions!

How do you keep updated on the latest in general and cosmetic techniques/technology?

The exciting aspect of dentistry is that it is continually changes and is getting better.  Improved products, technologies and communication amongst dentists have made learning and improving dentistry at ones fingertips.  I have been molded at the Seattle study club for 6 years which brings in speakers from across the county to teach us. In addition sites such as dental XP have been invaluable with video of techniques done on our patients.

How can my oral health affect my overall health?

Your oral health can affect your overall health.  If you do not maintain a healthy, clean mouth you will have more bacteria present in your mouth.  As our mouths are the “gateways to our bodies” you run the risk of bacteria affecting the health of your heart, and may even predispose you to heart disease.

How do I floss correctly?

To floss correctly you want to make sure you get a good, long piece of floss so that it is not slipping off of your fingers.  Gently slide the floss between the teeth, then cup the floss down to clean both sides of the “v” that your gum tissue forms.  Then slide the back through the teeth.

What would you tell a patient to do in a dental emergency?

In a dental emergency I would tell a patient to call our office for our doctor’s emergency number or head to the emergency room if needed. I would strongly recommend that the patient responds to the options we offer.

What are some of the symptoms of oral cancer?

The symptoms of oral cancer sometimes don’t even really appear until it is too far gone.  The best way to determine oral cancer is to have an oral cancer screening by your dentist and dental hygienist at every dental check up.  They should always check both sides of your tongue, underneath your tongue, the back of your throat, the roof of your mouth, your lips and checks.  If you notice a sore in your mouth that does not seem to heal have it checked immediately by your dentist.  The good news is that oral cancer is one of the most curable cancers if caught early, so like so many other forms of cancer, early detection is the key. To date we have not had any cases of oral cancer. Anything suspicious gets referred to an oral surgeon for evaluation.

How safe are dental x-rays?

Dental x-rays are very safe.  The majority of offices have gone to digital x-rays nowadays which greatly reduced the amount of radiation needed to process a picture.  You receive more radiation spending a few hours out in the sun than you do from your dental x-rays.  Additionally, the actual exposure area itself is so small that there was never much danger of much radiation to start with.

I can’t afford regular dental care. Are there some resources available to me?

There are several affordable Discount Dental Plans available which make dentistry not so frowned upon. I recommend asking your Dentist staff or going to to research what works best for you.

Originally from Rochester, Minnesota, Dr. Ney completed his undergraduate work from the University of Arizona and his DDS degree from the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Ney continues to commit himself to staying up-to-date with the latest in dental technology, averaging 40-60 continuing education hours per year. He is also the Restorative Adviser for the nationally known “Seattle Study Club”. Dr. Ney has attended LSU Continuum classes to improve his dentistry and help build better relationships with his patients.


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