Goes Abroad in United Kingdom

In the U.K., many residents will wait months or years to see an NHS dentist and keep up with their dental care. The alternative is to see a private dentist which can be costly for some.

According to the British Dental Association, 59 percent of dentists have patients that cancelled appointments as a result of financial problems. A story in The Independent highlights this growing trend and other implications, such as a significant increase in demand for emergency dental visits over the last decade.

Recognizing this and the need for people to access dental care savings beyond America, recently launched in the U.K.

For, has teamed up with Munroe Sutton, one of the most trusted providers of dental plans in the U.K., and more than 30 years of experience providing accessibility to quality dental treatment. A dental and optical plan will make it easy for members to access talented and widely respected dentists and opticians throughout the U.K., and without the insurance hassles, waiting periods, deductibles or health restrictions.

Do you know anyone in the U.K. struggling to find space at an NHS dentist or looking to save £££ on private dental care? Now, you can refer them to access discount dental plans.


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