Donates Dental Care

Have you ever heard a story on the news that strikes a note of compassion and you wish there was something you could do about it?

For Cyndie Takacs, an Enrollment Specialist at Plantation-based, her opportunity to make a difference came in late September.

Takacs received a phone call from Danielle Martinez who was seeking some relief for her brother, Paul DeGiovanni, a Davie, Fla., resident who had lost his mobile home, one of his two dogs and his dentures in a fire (news story).

“Daniella told me that due to his disability, he was working janitorial duties at a local church for 10 hours a week, but the church had recently closed and he was no longer employed. He had no funds to replace the dentures he lost in the fire,” said Takacs. “I thought, here is a man in our community who truly needs help.”

Takacs approached her managers about offering DeGiovanni a free Discount Dental Plan and covering the cost of replacing his dentures. After hearing the tragic story, decided to do its part in bringing back DeGiovanni’s smile by donating a plan and $1,000 towards a new set of upper dentures.

DeGiovanni recently visited local dentist Dr. Peter Krimsky to receive his new dentures. “I truly enjoy my job and find it very rewarding to help restore the smiles of my patients. It’s nice to be able to give back to the community we all work and live in,” said Dr. Krimsky.

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