Dental Related Death Highlights Importance of Dental Care

Plenty of people in the United States are well aware of how crucial it is to maintain optimal dental health and dental hygiene, and they make it a priority to receive annual dental checkups. However, a significant number of individuals in the U.S. downplay the importance of dental care for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes, a fear of dental procedures can prompt a neglect of dental care. In other instances, people feel rushed or overly busy and think they can’t squeeze the dentist into their schedule. Still, others simply can’t afford dental care. Any of these factors can cause people to put off taking proper care of their teeth. This can occasionally be accompanied by the belief that any oral problems they have will eventually go away.

Unfortunately, this simply is not true, according to the Imperfect Parent. The tragic death of Kyle Willis, a 24-year-old resident of Cincinnati and father of a 6-year-old daughter, illustrates the crucial need for regular dental health care and the inherent, systemic issues with the availability of orthodontic services for those suffering from economic hardships.

The news source reports that the oral health problem that led to Willis’ passing from a massive infection arose two weeks ago, as a painful ache in one of his wisdom teeth. He immediately saw a dentist, who told him that the tooth needed to be removed. Lacking dental insurance coverage, as well as the money to pay for the procedure out of his own pocket, he declined the removal, thinking his pain would just go away on its own.

As could be expected, his pain only got more intense, causing swelling that prompted him to go to a local hospital emergency room. The doctors there gave him an antibiotic and pain medication, and again advised that the tooth required removal. He took the pain treatment, skipped the antibiotic, and died shortly after when the oral infection reached his brain.

People in situations like Willis have a variety of solutions they can pursue, includingdiscount dental plans or receiving dental care at low- or no-cost public health clinics and dental schools.

Don’t ignore mouth pain. Dental care is related to your overall health and should be treated accordingly.

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