Dental HyGenie: Top 9½ Frugal Blogs for Money-Saving Wisdom

The Dental HyGenie knows it’s easy to get lost in the money-saving blogosphere. Keeping up with all of the frugal living blogs and personal finance resources can be a full-time gig for any consumer.

So last week, I decided to take a break from dental care savings and itemizing my dental expenses to compile a list of blogs I check out (and you can too). Without further money-saving ado, here are my top 9½ frugal blogs, in alphabetical order, and Twitter handles for real-time tips:

1.Bargain Babe (@bargainbabe) – A great blog with practical tips for consumers who want to save money on every day expenses. A money-saving expert, the Bargain Babe has also been featured on plenty of mainstream media outlets, sharing useful ways to save on everything from groceries to electronics.

2.Bargaineering (@bargainr) – When I need some sound financial wisdom for more complex topics, like CD rates and where to bank, Bargaineering is an excellent resource. This blog also features a frugal living column with plenty of great, every day tips like saving on pet costs and how to avoid money-saving fatigue.

3.Being Frugal (@Lynnae) – With savvy articles, money-saving resources and real-life examples you can put into action, ranging from saving money on gas to finding the right health insurance, this blog is a great place to find out how to live a frugal life from an average mom.

4.Frugal Dad (@FrugalDad) – The FrugalDad is “making frugal cool again” with a fresh perspective on money, career and family finances. You’ll find plenty of great money-saving tips and frugal wisdom with articles like “122 ways to trim your budget” and “How to become a millionaire in 10 years.”

5.The Frugal Map (@frugalmap) – Getting lost in the money-saving blogosphere again? The Frugal Map is the place to check out and find frugal blogs by location. Its interactive map format allows online visitors to click on a state and find a frugal blog for local tips and deals.

6.Money Saving Mom® (@moneysavingmom) – Featuring store deals, coupons and lively ways to save with articles and series to help you live on less, the Money Saving Mom is a great resource with plenty of creative ways to save on everything from Thanksgiving to having a baby without breaking the bank.

7.Suddenly Frugal Blog (@suddenylfrugal) – With weekly freebies on Fridays, time management tips and a great variety of money-saving tips, writer and author Leah Ingram shares her frugal living wisdom from experience.

8.WiseBread (@WiseBread) – WiseBread is an excellent resource for articles and every day money-saving tips from a community of frugal bloggers. This blog also features career and income advice, as well as daily deals and giveaways.

9.WalletPop (@WalletPop) – If it has anything to do with personal finance, you’ll find it at WalletPop. With an award-winning team of journalists, this blog does a great job of keeping up with all the money headlines in the daily newscycle. The personal finance calculators, free deals and bargains make this blog an all-around top-notch resource.

½ Blog (@dentalplanscom) – Did you know that the total annual spending for dental care is expected to increase 58 percent through 2018? That’s why I decided to give the blog the extra half on my list of 9½ frugal blogs. We’re a go-to resource to save money on dental costs and keep up with your dental care, which can be a major out-of-pocket investment for some families.

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