Dental Health Men vs. Women

Girls Just Want Better Gu-ums! Ok, ok…we may have taken a bit of poetic license with Cyndi Lauper’s famous “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” lyrics. But, when it comes to who has better teeth and gums—better oral health–women are definitely in the lead.




• Well, for starters, women are more proactive. According to new research in theJournal of Periodontology, women are almost twice as likely as men to have gone to the dentist in the past year. They then are more likely to follow the recommended protocol, which includes home care, and may include follow-ups, and visits to specialists. Men tend to visit the dentist only when an obvious problem, like pain or a cosmetic issue, arises.


• As a result, women have much better indicators of current and future periodontal health, including less plaque and other build-up, less bleeding upon probing, gums that are less swollen, a smaller likelihood of bad breath, fewer loose or separating teeth, and less frequent changes in their bite with or without partial dentures or bridges.


• Statistics also show that men brush less often than women, and lose a lot more teeth. That’s an average of between 5 (non-smokers) and 12 (smokers) before age 72. Men are also more likely to develop throat, tongue, and other mouth cancers.


• Men are on more medications that have a side effect of dry mouth (for instance, heart and high-blood pressure meds). Saliva, of course, helps wash cavity-causing bacteria away.


• Men also play more contact sports and tend to ride motorcycles and bikes without taking safety precautions, like wearing helmets. Accidents of any kind can result in permanent damage to the mouth, teeth and gums.


Oral health is, of course, equally important to members of both sexes. It is critical to maintaining everyone’s overall health and enhances one’s quality of life in countless ways.


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