Dental Health Activities for Kids [Download]


It’s not exactly easy to convince your kids that brushing has long-term benefits for their health, and we know that you, as parents, have plenty of other things on your plate. So how are you supposed to make dental hygiene more play and less work?


To celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month, and help you promote good dental health, check out these dental health activities for kids. Your child will be smiling, engaged and learning in a fun way!


Teach your kids how to take care of their teeth with our Healthy Smiles Coloring Book. Your children can color, while learning the steps to a healthy smile on each page.

Your children can print out this easy-to-make Origami Tooth Box to hold their lost teeth for the tooth fairy. You’ll find instructions and pictures, plus, a tooth fairy-patterned printout to make your envelope. This activity can help lessen the fear of losing a tooth, and excite your children for the “tooth fairy’s” arrival.


Look backwards, forwards, up, down and diagonally for dental terms, like “brush,” “floss,” and “smile” to remind your kids of the importance of dental care, while challenging them with our Smile Word Search.


Grab a pair of safety scissors and some glue to dress up a tooth! Kids can accessorize their Tooth Dress Up printout with eyes, hats, mustaches and more, and show them off to the family, or on your refrigerator at home.


What ways are you teaching your kids the importance of dental hygiene for National Children’s Dental Health Month? Share with us in your comments below!



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