Dental Grills: 5 Celebrities with Teeth That Go Bling

Ten years ago, having a gold cap on your tooth didn’t exactly scream affluence or style. But times, as well as some leading rappers’ smiles, have changed. “Grills” – decorative covers made of gold, silver, or jewel-encrusted precious metals molded to fit over one’s teeth – have become a new kind of jewelry to show wealth and “street credit” for many celebrities. And while some may find grills to be the most dreadful trend since fanny packs, these five rappers are showing off their bling with a smile. 

1. Paul Wall

This Houston-based rapper and jeweler is also a leading grill designer. For $800 per cap, you can get the “Money in Your Mouth” grill coated on your teeth with diamonds galore. For more affordable options, Paul Wall World also offers the “Baller on a Budget” grill for $75 per tooth or the “Word of Mouth” grill for $150 per tooth.


2. Nelly

Celebrity rapper Nelly loves his grills so much, he wrote a song about them. “Grillz,” featuring Paul Wall, topped the charts back in 2006. He wrote, “If I could call it a drink, call it a smile on the rocks.”


3. Kanye West

What could be better than a mouthful of diamonds? Nothing, according to this rapper, who first showed off his glittering smile to viewers on the Ellen DeGeneres Show late last year (Video).  Kanye’s rationale behind the grill? “There’s just certain stuff rock stars are supposed to do.”


4. T-Pain

Known for making the Auto-Tune effect mainstream in today’s music industry, T-Pain also made a statement with his 100% yellow diamond grill. To be in style like this star, you’ll need the “I Am T-Pain” app to transform your voice, and $30,000 tomakeover your smile.


5. Lil Wayne

With one of the most expensive smiles in Hollywood, Lil Wayne claims his grill cost him $150,000. His grill also apparently kept him out of prison back in 2010, with a much-needed dental operation, including eight root canal procedures and extensive work on his diamond-encrusted teeth.


Do you think grills are chill or ill? Which celebrity sports the best grill in the biz? Share your comments below.


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