Dental Care in the Modern Age

Dentist’s Day is today and these unsung heroes are working to offer their patients better service, comfort and more convenience than ever before.

Dedicated to providing the quality dental care, dentists like Dr. Kourosh Maddahi in Beverly Hills have followed the trend of technology to offer the latest to their patients. Dr. Maddahi, for example, replaced his metal drills with a laser for painless dental work, built a dental spa that makes teeth whitening feel like going to have a facial, and now has created a dental app to make his office more accessible.

Other dentists, such as Dr. Jonathan Ferencz in Manhattan and Dr. Cynthia Brattesani in San Francisco, have also embraced the use of iPads in this new era of digital dentistry. The iPad helps simplify the record-keeping process for both patients and dentists. Rather than filling out, scanning and shredding paper forms, using an iPad app to complete paperwork is quick, easy and efficient.

Still other dental professionals have embraced the use of musical drills to help alleviate dental phobia. The idea is that hearing music while a power tool grinds away at your teeth will help distract the patient and make the experience less frightening.

Dentists do their best to make us smile.  So this Dentist’s Day, make sure you make an appointment and tell your dentist thank you.

How has the dentist helped your smile? Share with us in the comments below.

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