Cyber Monday Savings

For most people, the upcoming holidays go something like this:

On Thanksgiving, you count your blessings, which I hope include good health for you and your loved ones; and then, on New Year’s Day, you make a resolution to take even better care of yourself…perhaps by improving your diet, exercising more, or finally scheduling those overdue doctors’ appointments.

And if you’re like me, chances are, between those times, you’re celebrating other holidays by decorating, entertaining, honoring your traditions, and, of course, SHOPPING…with big sales in stores on Black Friday and big online discounts on Cyber Monday.

And I’ll bet the last thing on your mind is dental savings.

This year, I’m going to challenge you to change things up a bit. Because if you make your dental health resolution just a few weeks early, by enrolling in a dental savings plan on Cyber Monday (December 2nd, 2014), you have a whole lot to gain.

‘Tis the season to save. So, in the spirit of giving:

  1. You will save a whopping 30% on whichever plan you choose. This is our deepest discount and best opportunity of the year.  Just use coupon codeCYBER82 upon checkout to claim this incredible offer.
  2. There is no catch. In fact, you will also receive three additional months free with your annual plan, if you’re a new member. So you’ll be saving for 15months, instead of 12. Now that’s savvy shopping.

  3. When the post-holiday bills come in—and they will—these yearlong savings will be a welcome relief from all of the other expenses.

  4. You will be prepared for an emergency. Listen, no one likes to think about it during the festivities, but accidents—including dental accidents—are abundant during the holidays. In fact, more than 2.1 million trips to the ER result from dental emergencies each season—a number that has doubled in recent years, according to the American Dental Association. Please…do not be without a safety net during this vulnerable time. Order or renew with uson December 2nd, and you’ll be eligible to get the dental help you need, as little as two days later. In many cases, emergency activation is also available.

It’s easy to get lost in the holiday madness…and most of us tend to focus more on the gifts and celebrations than on our health. But I urge you to find just a few minutes on December 2nd to visit us at, or call us at 1-855-293-4187 to treat yourself to an exceptional once-a-year offer.

I promise…these are savings to smile about.

Have a beautiful and safe holiday,

Tiffany Tibbets Newman

Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing


P.S. It may be unconventional, but a dental plan can also be an incredible gift for a person or family member you love.

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