Correlating Dental Care with First Impressions

Whoever coined the phrase, “A nice smile goes a long way,” wasn’t kidding. It isn’t just the smile that impresses us – it’s nice looking teeth from good dental care that leave a great first impression.

And that’s not just one person’s opinion. Kelton Research did a survey of more than 1,000 people across the U.S. and found that three out of four Americans believed they could trust a person with a nice smile more than those who have a good job, dress well or drive an impressive car. The findings give credence to how much well-cared for teeth can influence people’s social life, confidence and job success.

Getting on the road to a good-looking smile starts with regular check-ups at the dentist to maintain sound oral health. But dental visits can be expensive and many families either have no dental insurance or can’t afford out-of-pocket expenses for dentist services. To make dental care more affordable, families should consider purchasing a Discount Dental Plan that allows them to obtain the oral healthcare they need at lower cost for a wide variety of services.


Importance of Attractive Teeth

In the Kelton study, people were shown a series of images in which some individuals had straight teeth and others had crooked teeth. Those with straight teeth invariably drew a more positive response, and one-third of those surveyed said they notice a person’s teeth before other facial features. People with better looking teeth also created a greater impression of being financially and professionally successful, intelligent, healthy and happy.

The lesson that all of us can take from the survey is how much people are influenced by a nice-looking smile, and perhaps more importantly, the bad impression that’s left on us by people who need dental work.

Now that many of us are able to get our teeth straightened as adults and are using a variety of solutions to restore the white teeth of our youth, there’s no reason an unattractive set of teeth should spoil anyone’s appearance.

First and foremost, you and your family members should have your teeth checked regularly by a dentist to make sure no gum inflammation or tooth decay is developing. Once the teeth are pronounced healthy, you can move on to dentistry that will improve how you look.

For instance, the use of tooth implants has grown dramatically in recent years because it allows people to fill in gaps rather than wear dentures. The difference between having dentures made to replace teeth is that implants are permanent and don’t require any more care than normal dental hygiene.


Be Careful with Whitening

One of the easiest and most accessible cosmetic improvements that you can make to your smile is removing stains and yellowing left by coffee, tea, red wine and smoking. There’s a wide range of products, from home kits to professional dental whitening procedures, used to restore the sheen of healthy teeth.

If you’ve never used whitening strips, it’s a good idea to talk to a dentist first about using them. Making sure that your dental health is in good shape is an important step before the cosmetic work begins. Having a cavity or inflamed gums could interfere with the whitening treatment.

Another concern with home kits is whether people are using them correctly. Following the manufacturer’s instructions will provide you with the best possible outcome. You may think that leaving whitening strips on longer than prescribed will make your teeth look better. Instead, you could end up with uneven splotches and tooth sensitivity instead of achieving the full effect that you would gain by having the whitening done professionally.


In what ways does a person’s smile make a lasting impression on you? Let us know in your comments below!

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