Celebrity Teeth: 5 Best Make-over’s


Just because someone is a celebrity, it doesn’t mean they’re immune to dental care problems. In fact, if you look at childhood pictures of some of today’s top stars, it’s clear that many of them did not start out with perfect teeth, but rather had to spend a lot of time with their dentist enhancing their pearly whites. Everyday Health and New York Daily News have some examples of celebs that would have looked quite differently today if it weren’t for some extensive dental work.

1. Lindsay Lohan – The actress has become infamous for her problems with the law, and in 2011 her not-so-pearly whites were on display for the entire world to see during her numerous court appearances. After many news sources took notice, Lohan sprung into action and was sporting a healthier looking smile a few weeks later.

2. Mike Tyson – Years of professional boxing left Tyson with more than a few missing teeth, according to New York Daily News. The boxer famously replaced some of these with gold ones, but then got a fresh new set of healthy teeth before making a guest appearance in the film The Hangover.

3. Gwen Stefani – The popular singer wasn’t afraid to wear braces at the height of her career to perfect her smile. She even sported some multi-colored bands on her corrective gear to make her braces funky and fashion-forward.

4. Zac Efron – This young heartthrob used removable braces to reduce the gap between his two front teeth.

5. Tom Cruise – The actor was inspired to fix his smile after a 2005 trip to the orthodontist with his kids. Apparently, the dentist noticed that Cruise’s teeth were not aligned, and the star was soon flashing some brand new teeth.

Remember, you can have an Oscar-winning smile by simply brushing, flossing and regularly visiting your dentist.

Who has your favorite celebrity smile?


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